A Love Tree for Fall Colors

I’m excited about a new activity, perfect when fall colors are painting the trees. We prepared this in the summer so it has green leaves, but as I was working with it I realized how beautiful it would be in fall colors. The children will do the coloring.

autumn-treeAs you will see when you go to the page, A Tree of Love,  this is an activity to emphasize what the Apostle Paul prayed for, that the church in Ephesus would be grounded and rooted in love.

I use a tree with the fruit of the Spirit and other characteristics of Christian living to illustrate this. A tree grows tall and strong when it has a deep root system.

As Christians we need to be deeply rooted in God and his love. This tree will help the children to visualize and understand it. Not only children, but for anybody at any age it would be good to have this printed and put up on a wall where is can be seen daily.

Rooted and grounded in love… repeat that over and over. Ask the Lord to help you grow deeper and stronger roots in his love from day to day.

Check out two more stories for children on our story pages. One of them is about my son-in-law and what happened when he forgot his Bible on top of the van and traveled from Tulsa to Fort Gibson on a rainy day. His Bible survived! Here it is!

bible-that-survivedUntil next time, may you be doubly blessed. I pray that God showers his mercy and grace on you and yours. Love and prayers!


Prayer Cards for the New School Year

Students 3 COPrayer! We can never have too much!

Parent and Teachers,

Click HERE to see the new page PRAYER HELPS. Find instructions and files needed to make a prayer card and a big marker to pray for God’s protection for the new school year. Really, for anytime of the year.

Also, find 3 new Testimony stories, and the story of Dog Arthur, the stray dog from Ecuador who found a home in Sweden. Based on a true story. You can google Dog Arthur and read about him on-line.

Guess what? It was a meatball that sealed a friendship. Go to Any-Time Stories.

May you be blessed!

Dog Arthur

Rink-e-de-dink and Pickle-de-doo

perlitaFifty years ago, as a young missionary in Peru, I started a little story paper for the children in my Sunday school. It was done on the old system of duplicating with alcohol.

As time progressed I updated to a mimeograph and printed with ink. I gave the story paper the name of La Perlita, The Little Pearl.

La Perlita has gone through different stages, but she’s still as young and charming as 50 years ago! In 2009 she “resurrected” from some time in hiding and went modern. She has now been on-line ever since. This week it will be story 330 in Spanish.

Well, rink-e-de-dink and pickle-de-doo… I have a friend that translates the stories to English. I have written about my dear friend Nancy in a previous blog, but now my friend has written a story and a fun song. You will have to come up with the melody yourself. My granddaughter Sarah and i had lots of fun doing that. You can find the story in Any-Time Stories together with a couple of other new stories. See also Stories for Children and Testimony Stories.

I am me and you are you

Well, rink-e-de-dink and pickle-de-doo…
I am me and you are you.
We don’t have to worry if we’re not the same,
‘Cause we have different parents
and we have different names.
No, I’m not you and you’re not me,
but we can still be friends, you see;
You may like spinach and I may like peas,
But still you’re you and I am me.
So rink-e-de-dink and pickle-de-doo,
I am me and you are you.
We don’t have to worry if we’re not the same,
‘Cause God knows us and He knows our name!

I’ve taken a break visiting my Dad in Sweden. Even the Spanish La Perlita was on a two-week vacation. I will try to be a little more consistent with publishing in English. “Try” is a good word. There is only so much a person can do. I need and assitatent. For now, I’m assisting myself and it doesn’t work very well.

La Perlia is still as young as 50 years ago, but her “mother” –that would be Auntie Margaret– is young at heat but physically slowing down. I sure feel a difference at age 70, even from five years ago. But as long as I have breath I will continue publishing my stories. I hope you enjoy them!

Read about when I was a patient in a 36-bed common room hospital in Arequipa, Peru.

79 Thirty Six Beds in One Room

Sala de 36 camas

The Oldest Mother Ever

Writing the story for Mother’s Day I was reminded that God has a sense of humor! The story is about the promise of a son that God gave Abraham and Sarah and how God kept his promise to them about giving them a son.

AbrahamSaraIsaacThe name Sarah means Princess. God gave her that name. While pondering this I thought of “our” Sarah Princess. My youngest grandchild will turn 8 on the 8th of this month. Her birthday will be on Mother’s Day!

Abraham was also given his name by God, which means “Father of a multitude.” When Abraham was 99 years old and Sarah was 90 God announced that the time was come for His Promise to be fulfilled! The promised son would be born!

The little old man and the little old lady both laughed! Sarah was barren, so it would really have to be a miracle!

Then Abraham fell on his face and laughed and said to himself, “Shall a child be born to a man who is a hundred years old? Shall Sarah, who is ninety years old, bear a child?” Genesis 17:17

Here comes God’s sense of humor. I can just picture him having a little laugh! “So you don’t believe me? I’ll give you a reminder that nothing is too hard for me.” So the Lord said to Abraham, “You shall call his name Isaac.” Isaac means “he laughs.”

Every time these dear people called their son, they would remember that they laughed at God’s promise. They didn’t laugh in unbelief; it was just a ridiculous thought that they would have a baby in the house at their ripe old age! Thus, Sarah became the oldest mother in the world! Ever!

By faith Sarah herself received power to conceive, even when she was past the age, since she considered him faithful who had promised. Hebrews 11:11

Read the story: 77 The Worlds Oldest Mother

Do a fun activity with the children, of a bear-hug for Mom on her day!



Instructions: Mothers Day Hug Instructions

Boy Hug: Mothers Day Hug Boy

Girl Hug: Mothers Day Hug Girl

You can choose to print a card in color or you can print B/W for the children to color.

Paper size: Letter


The Safest Place

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.” John 10:27-30

The last few week I have been consumed with the wonderful message of being safe in God’s hands. I’ve had my artist Cristina illustrate it. Picture yourself secure in those loving hands. No one can snatch you out of the hands of Jesus. No one can snatch you out of the Father’s hands.

Safe in the hands of God girl Safe in the hands of God boyAs we were working on these pictures, I had the visit from Peru of one of my former Sunday school girls. I wrote a story about God’s care in her life. You can find the story  in TESTIMONY STORIES. I also have some new testimony stories.

En las manos JeanetMy friend Jeanet in Sunday school in 1967 in Huancayo, Peru. She is the girl in white on the left. You might be wondering why there is a car in the background. We had to accommodate classroom space wherever we could fin it.

There will soon be more stories and activities. A card for Mother’s Day is in the works.

I wish you God’s blessings!

In God’s Hands is the safest place.


Birthday Celebration

When I turned 18 years of age, I wrote this message:

Yes, now I’m here. 18 years old. It’s terrible how time has passed so quickly. Soon I’m going to be old. How boring! It’s so much fun to be doing these mission services at such a young age. How wonderful to be Jesus’ messengers on Earth!

I thought time had passed quickly. Here I am today celebrating 70 years. Talk about time flying quickly! My body might be a little old but my spirit is young. I thought old age would be boring. Far from it! I’m enjoying the stories and lessons I publish. It’s interesting that for my 70th birthday I’m publishing story #70. Here it is! A testimony of a miracle I experienced the evening before my 33rd birthday.

Story: 70 The Leg that Grew

La pierna que crecioI’ve started a new page called JESUS LOVES ME. It will have stories and activities featuring Jesus’ love for children. See the story The Forgotten Colors.

There is also a new story under Stories for Children.

Celebrate with me the Joy of serving Jesus even when my hairs are gray!

celebrating 70a

Testimony Stories

I received two letters today that touched my heart. I had sent the “Burro” story to my grandchildren. I received answers from the oldest and the youngest. My precious boy David said the story “got” to him. My little Sarah said she loved the blue donkey.

I hope you will like the story. My plans are to do one testimony story a month. I want to share with the children about my “missionary” life.

See the story about the donkey that decided to go home. Find it under the new page:


HM001 cop