Welcome to MX1414!

Are you wondering what kind of equation MX1414 is? I don’t blame you!

M stand for Margarita (not the kind you drink!). I am Margarita. I have a Spanish web site called hermanamargarita.com. I have been publishing curriculum in Spanish on the web for four years. A few month ago the Lord spoke to me about doing the curriculum in English, for the same reasons I have been doing it in Spanish. To reach those who have no easy access to bookstores, and who might need lessons they can easily download.

M also stand for Miracle Ministry. This is solely based on the miracles God has done in my life and those he will perform every step of the way as I move forward.

X stands for Exodus but also for Extraordinary. I hope this will be an extraordinary site, for extraordinary people, who teach the extraordinary boys and girls who will follow in our footsteps to do extraordinary things for God.

1414 stand for “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

That is my equation for this ministry. 14 (2×7) 14 (2×7). Seven is a divine number. This is double times double something that is the Lord’s. I am his maidservant, very excited about moving forward to see the great miracles my Lord will do in bringing his teachings to reach as many countries as possible. My purpose is to offer this to be translated to as many languages as possible!

I believe in this Formula for Miracles: MX1414.

I’m only in the beginning stages of preparing the teaching materials in English. Yesterday was my birthday and I started this blog as my birthday present to my Lord. I believe in miracles. This is going to be a cyberspace to display the splendor of God’s miracles.

Welcome on board!

Visit my English blog to find out more about this Miracle Expecting Margarita:




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