The Christmas Doll

DollThis is a story adapted from a true story I read in one of my magazines. A little girl gave away her doll for Christmas and got it back! How cool is that! The point I want to make to the children is that the good we do to others comes back to us. Not that we should do good thinking about what we will get back, but the sowing and reaping principle does not fail.

One of my Christmases as a girl that I will never forget was spent in Osorno, Chile. We had lost our home and the church building to a fire. My parents, the missionaries, wanted to do something fun for the children, so they hung the tree full of little toys and everyone got to pick one.

xmas in Chile 1953Under the tree at home there was a package with my name. I couldn’t resist the temptation to peak inside. I saw a doll! That wasn’t the only time I peaked. I had done it once before. Maybe you’ve done something similar. Those things stick in our mind.

My sister tells me a story about a doll Mom made her give away to a little poor girl. Later she saw that doll laying in a pool of mud. She made up her mind that she would never again give away one of her toys.

I’m sure we all have stories to tell of Christmas dolls or Christmas cars. But let’s tell the greatest story of all, about our Savior. I have some symbols in a file that I hope will help you tell the story.

Three Xmas symbols

May God bless you abundantly!


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