A Dream for Christmas


ENG Ica Peru

Carlos and the Red Honda 

It was an impossible dream for a poor boy in a poor neighborhood, the son of a “poor” pastor. That is what the kids in the church thought. But Carlos wasn’t dreaming and wishing to receivefrom his “poor” father pastor. He was asking God for his dream motorcycle.

Carlos was made fun of by the kids in his Sunday school class because of his “dream.” But nobody will laugh about it today. Carlos has a Honda motorcycle! Read and share this week’s story about Carlos, who now is a pastor himself. He uses his red bike to do God’s work in the jungles of Peru.

Dream come true

Carlos and the motorcycle he prayed for as a kid

Buena Honda

“Cristo es buena Honda” Carlos has painted on his Honda.
It’s a play on words that means that Jesus is Great!

Dreams do come true! And God answers prayer! Even the prayer of a “poor” boy in a poor neighborhood. I don’t think God cares one bit about those outward conditions. Man looks at the outside; God looks at the heart.


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