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A Tribute to Bible Translators

There have been many brave servants of God throughout the centuries, which have risked their lives to translate God’s Word. We have the Bible because God’s faithful servants devoted sweat and tears to this task. Many Bible translators were imprisoned, tortured and even killed. But nobody has ever been able to prevent the Word to “spread and be honored” ( 2 Thess 3:1). And even today work is going on with Bible translation. There are still many people who don’t have the Scriptures in their language.

The children’s story today celebrates one of the many brave missionaries who risked his life to bring the Word of God to Burma. Two hundred years ago Adoniram Judson had the firm intention to translate the Bible so that the people in that country could read the Word of God in their own language. Read the story of how his hard work was protected.

The Bible has been translated into more than 450 languages. According to the United Bible Societies there are Scriptures available in 2,527 of the estimated 6,500 languages ​​in the world. There is still much work to do so that everyone, worldwide, will have the Holy Bible. Pray for the Lord’s faithful servants who work in translating the Word to the many languages ​​that do not yet have the Bible.
When you open your Bible, consider this great treasure you have in your hand. Thank God for His Holy Word.
Print the poster provided together with the story and put it in a visible place as a reminder to pray for those who translate the Bible. Search the Internet for information about the United Bible Societies and the work they do. Search also to read about the Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Here’s the answer to the activity:28 In Many Languages Answers

My Bible Tower S

This is my Bible Tower, collected over half a century. What a privilege!