Garden of the Crosses

Garden of the Crosses

This picture is from the garden where my daughter Eva-Marie is buried. It was taken in early spring, on Resurrection Sunday. This girl was born on Good Friday. She struggled all her life with cystic fibrosis, but was granted 31 years to brighten our lives.

I like the name Garden of the Crosses and I like the crosses I see every time I visit her grave. They remind me of my Savior and the place where she now is. Eva-Marie had the privilege to know Jesus from birth and to receive him as her Savior. I’ve had the same privilege. We will spend eternity together in God’s Heaven.

gitanacoBut there are people who have never heard the wonderful message on the Cross. Read the story of the Gypsy girl who had never heard about Jesus and his sacrifice for us on the Cross. When she heard the story she happily received him as her Savior.

With this story you can encourage children with the assurance of God’s love. The story comes with a page to color, an activity page and a poster.

May the message of the Cross fill you with joy!


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