God’s Awesome Trees

gran arbol4Did you know that there are trees that have existed for more than three thousand years? These trees were tall and strong even before Jesus Christ came to the earth. One of these trees is called the “The President”. It is the second largest tree in the world and has existed for 3200 years! This tree is as high as 25 houses stacked on top of each other and measures 27 feet wide. It has about two billion leaves!

If you looked up you couldn’t see the entire tree and it would be impossible to take a picture of the whole thing. But some very skilled photographers have figured out a way to do it. A team of photographers and scientists met to figure out how to take a photo of the entire tree. They had to use special equipment to climb the tree and take thousands of pictures by hand. They chose the best of the photographs and put them together like a puzzle. You can see the composite picture on the internet. It is awesome!

(To see the photo do a search for pictures of the President tree.)

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