Monthly Archives: February 2016

Testimony Stories

I received two letters today that touched my heart. I had sent the “Burro” story to my grandchildren. I received answers from the oldest and the youngest. My precious boy David said the story “got” to him. My little Sarah said she loved the blue donkey.

I hope you will like the story. My plans are to do one testimony story a month. I want to share with the children about my “missionary” life.

See the story about the donkey that decided to go home. Find it under the new page:


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A Valentine’s Card

Here is a beautiful card to use this Valentine and anytime you want to send a message about what the Bible teaches about love.

Love 01Love 02xCard letter size:  LOVE card 1 Cor 13

Card A4 size: LOVE card size A4

Card to color: LOVE card 1 Cor 13 to color

Love card to color