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Birthday Celebration

When I turned 18 years of age, I wrote this message:

Yes, now I’m here. 18 years old. It’s terrible how time has passed so quickly. Soon I’m going to be old. How boring! It’s so much fun to be doing these mission services at such a young age. How wonderful to be Jesus’ messengers on Earth!

I thought time had passed quickly. Here I am today celebrating 70 years. Talk about time flying quickly! My body might be a little old but my spirit is young. I thought old age would be boring. Far from it! I’m enjoying the stories and lessons I publish. It’s interesting that for my 70th birthday I’m publishing story #70. Here it is! A testimony of a miracle I experienced the evening before my 33rd birthday.

Story: 70 The Leg that Grew

La pierna que crecioI’ve started a new page called JESUS LOVES ME. It will have stories and activities featuring Jesus’ love for children. See the story The Forgotten Colors.

There is also a new story under Stories for Children.

Celebrate with me the Joy of serving Jesus even when my hairs are gray!

celebrating 70a