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Pepper Learns About Controlling Anger

Some time or another we have all had to fight anger. Even so the apostle Paul. He writes to the Ephesians: “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger” (Ephesians 4:26). God, who has made us to have feelings, has also given us the ability to control them. In this story we offer some guidelines about anger.

I’ve written some instructions, four easy steps to remember, but steps that we will have to practice over and over. Every time we get angry we must review the steps.

Our little friend Pepper is the main player in today’s story. He starts out with a question about anger and ends up practicing he steps he learns.

Here are some helps I have put together. In the PowerPoint Elisha gives the steps to control anger. I have made cards that you can print to give to the children.

Teaching on anger:  How to Control Anger

PowerPoint:  Controlling Anger PPT    PDF:  Controlling Anger PDF

Poster:  Steps to control anger    A4 size:  Poster A4

Cards:  Steps to control anger     A4 size:  Cards A4

Children must be taught anger control before there is a critical situation. When they are angry, it’s not easy to reason with them. This is a good opportunity to teach on this subject.

Welcome to read a new chapter in the Salt and Pepper story #15: The Anger Test