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Merry Christmas

Wishing all my dear readers a very blessed Christmas.

May the loving arms of our Heavenly Father wrap you in a big hug!

Jesus our wonderful Savior is the Reason for the Season!

The Double Portion Prophet

During the past few weeks we have seen some of the many miracles that God did through his servant Elisha. In the Bible there are 10 miracles that God did through his servant Elijah, and there are 20 that are attributed to Elisha. Surely there were more, but those are the ones registered.

We have prepared cards for a review of Elisha’s miracles. Each miracle has two cards. You can print them at size or do multiples on a page for a smaller size. On each card is the Bible passage it features.

In today’s story the children are partying at Miss Beatrice’s house. They have competitions and review what they have learned. Would you like to have a party with the children and celebrate these studies (or other topics)?

Try making a target, as in the story. That would be exciting! Write questions on strips of paper and roll them up; put them in balloons and then inflate to a size you feel comfortable with. Another suggestion for review is that you have match boxes and put a question in each box. Hide the boxes for the children to find them and answer the questions.

An extraordinary miracle that catches our attention is what happened after Elisha’s death. The spirit of the “double portion prophet” remained powerful, even after his death.

See 2 Kings 13:20,21.

Powerful bones!

The Bible verse chosen for this week encourages children to love the Word of God and to keep his statues to the end. Like the psalmist, let’s pray,

Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes;
and I will keep it to the end. Psalm 119:33 ESV

Welcome to read this weeks story #19: A Big Surprise for Salt



The Treasure Club stories
are taking a break during December.

In 2018 we will continue following Salt and Pepper and their friend Daisy.
We will also meet some new friends.