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A Love Chromosome

A young woman named Julie inspired me to take up the subject of children with disabilities. I believe that God has put this in my heart so that we will teach the importance of treating children who are different with love. From time to time I see reports of children and adults with Down syndrome, and of those who despite this syndrome have succeeded in life. Some even have businesses, like Julie.

Juliee designs T-shirts and sells them through her website. Her latest model says: “I rather be slow to learn than slow to love.” Since people with this syndrome have an extra chromosome, she considers it a love chromosome. She’s right, because people like her are very happy and affectionate. They have a lot to teach us. Julie is wise and insightful. She wishes everyone could have a love chromosome.

When Julie was 5 years old, she and her mother, Barb, were shopping in a supermarket. An unshaven man with disheveled hair, dirty and wrinkled clothes, probably not smelling the best, entered the store. Seeing the man, Julie ran towards him with outstretched arms. The man leaned over and picked her up, and she nestled into his dirty neck. Barb panicked and ran toward the man to tell him to let go of her daughter. She will never forget what happened next. The man looked at her, with tears running down his dirty cheeks, and said, “Lady, I can’t tell you the last time someone wanted to hold me.” What a beautiful lesson of love!

According to what I’ve seen of Julie, she has a great perspective on life. Seeing things through her eyes, is seeing them with a smile. I encourage you to visit her page and maybe buy a T-shirt:

Inspired by Julie I wrote this week’s story. The Bible story is about the boy who lovingly shared his lunch with Jesus. What little we can give, in the hands of the Lord is multiplied. I trust that God will use my simple message to speak to your heart about the importance of sharing love. A hug, a smile, a loving gesture can brighten the path of someone who is distraught.

In the future we will have more stories to encourage us to be affectionate with those who are different. Sometimes we call them “disabled,” but Julie says that we are the ones who are disabled, because we lack the extra chromosome, the one of love. God bless Julie and all those who have been blessed with an extra chromosome! We are all God’s wonderful creation.

Welcome to read the Salt and Pepper story #26: The Love Chromosome


Celebrating Heaven

Jasper, sapphire, agate, emerald, onyx, carnelian, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, amethyst…

Imagine a city with these precious stones as the foundation, a city of pure gold, like polished glass, a city with walls of jasper. The gates are pearls; each gate is a pearl. A river of water bright as crystal flows through the middle of the street. On either side of the river is a tree that produces twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. That is the holy city of God, the New Jerusalem.

Read Revelation 21 & 22 to prepare for this story.

This week. Let’s have a party to celebrate the wonder of heaven. You might want to decorate the classroom, prepare a snack, have some prizes… in short, do anything the children would love as a party!

In today’s story, Miss Beatrice has decorated the room where the Club meets to give an appearance of heaven, with gold and silver colors. Actually, there should be all kinds of colors.

There are people who, by God’s favor, have “visited” heaven (usually because they died in an accident and then returned to life). I have heard several such testimonies, and what these people describe about the colors is that they are so vibrant that colors on earth pale. Everything here pales in comparison with the heavenly home that awaits us.

Miss Beatrice wanted to celebrate that the children had received Jesus as Savior. Just as there is celebration in heaven when a sinner repents, she wanted to celebrate with a party and talk about heaven. She sent invitation cards to the children. Recently a friend of mine did this for her Sunday school class when she would be talking about heaven.

I did the card for her and have made copies for you, too. Maybe you would like to use this idea. There is text on the front. On the back you can print information or write something personal. I have also done a card that you can fold to write inside. A personal note shows a child that her/his teacher cares so much as to send a personal greeting.

There are cards to color, if you want the children to make cards and invite friends for a party or lesson.

I’m also including patterns for crowns.

The children can choose from different patterns.

A PowerPoint celebrates that Pepper is born again. He’s so happy to know the Lord, he imagines himself walking with Jesus in heaven. I hope this can be useful for you.

Pepper imagining about heaven.

I would love to get some feedback. Please send me a comment about how you use the stories. Pictures would be very appreciated.

Welcome to read the Salt and Pepper story #25: A Special Invitation

Next week we will add a new friend to the Club. A girl with Down syndrome will become Daisy’s friend. I believe it’s significant to show that all children are important and special in the eyes of God.

Looking ahead, this Spring we will have a series of 15 stories about a boy and a girl who cross the Red Sea and start on the Wilderness Journey. See Exodus 12 through 22, 32 and some stories from Numbers. Let’s pretend Miss Beatrice tells these stories, because after that we will pic up again with our friends in The Treasure Club.

Wishing you blessing, hoping to hear from you.

Your online friend,


A Door that Never Closes

The above quote is my granddaughter Sarah’s favorite. Inspired by it she wrote a story, with some help from her grandmother. She loves the Salt and Pepper stories and wanted to share it here with you.

To print the story:  The Door That Never Closes

Salt and Pepper got in an argument with Daisy. They argued about a cat that they found while walking in the woods. Daisy wanted the cat, but Pepper said that since he was the one that had seen the cat first, he should have it.

Daisy said that girls are better at taking care of cats, so she should have the cat.

Salt did not agree. He didn’t have a pet, so he argued that he should have it.

Because they couldn’t agree they decide to go to Miss Beatrice and ask her for advice.

It was in the middle of the week, so Miss Beatrice was surprised to see the children.


“Hi! What a pleasant surprise!” said Miss Beatrice. “What are you guys up to?”

“We have a big problem,” said Salt. “We can’t seem to agree so we need your help.”

“We found a cat,” said Pepper. “But really I was the one who found it!”

“No, you did not!” said Daisy. “We all found it!”

Miss Beatrice could see that there was a problem.

“Are you arguing about a cat?” she asked.

“Yes!” they all said.

“That is nothing to argue about,” said Miss Beatrice. “You can have all the cats you ever want!

My precious cat Dina is going to have kittens. I’ll give each one of you a kitten!”

“Yeah!” cried Daisy. “Ever since I first saw Dina I have wanted to have one of her kittens.”

“Problem solved!” Miss Beatrice said. “But I need to talk to you about something important.”


Miss Beatrice wanted to talk to the children about the door that never closes.

“What door is that?” asked Pepper. “I’ve never seen a door that doesn’t close!”

“We have a door that doesn’t close at my house,” said Daisy. “It always makes a lot of noise when the wind blows.”

“Did you break the door?” asked Salt.

“Please don’t start to argue again,” said Miss Beatrice. “That’s not the kind of door I want to talk about. I want you to guess what door I’m talking about.”

So, they started guessing!

Daisy guessed it was the door at the hospital. You can come to the hospital at any time and you will find the door open. But, that was not what Miss Beatrice wanted to talk about.

Salt thought that maybe it was the door of Wisdom.

“That was a close guess,” said Miss Beatrice.

“Is it the door to heaven?” asked Pepper.

“That door is never closed!” said Miss Beatrice. “God’s doors are always open. But I was thinking of something else.”

“Is it the door to your heart, Miss Beatrice?” asked Salt. “Your heart is always open to us!”

“Thank you, Salt,” said Miss Beatrice. “I always try to have my heart open to all you children. I love The Treasure Club!”


But what she was talking about was the Door to Friendship.

“At the Treasure Club we have all opened the door to be friends. We should not close it, especially not arguing about something so minor as a cat.”

Just then the cat Dina jumped up in Miss Beatrice’s lap. It was like she wondered why they said that a cat was something minor. She considered herself very important!

“A true friend is someone who reaches out for your hand and touches your heart,” said Miss Beatrice. “I want you all to remember that and to be that kind of a friend.”

“You are that kind of a friend, Miss Beatrice,” said Daisy. “My Dad didn’t like you the first time. Now he says you are the best friend we have!”

“Let’s never close the door to friendship,” said Miss Beatrice. “Friendship is like a circle that never ends, but you can always make it bigger by including others.”

The children decided that the best thing to do with the cat they had found in the woods was to give it to Miss Beatrice. Her cat Dina needed a new friend.

That was the best solution to the argument. Everyone went home happy because they knew that soon they were each going to get a little kitten. And because Dina now had someone like herself to play with.


Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your story. We welcome other children to send in their stories and we will publish them.

The Joy of Salvation

Have you stopped to think about the joy of being saved? Many of us take it for granted. But knowing that our sins have been forgiven and that we have a home in heaven is the reason for greatest joy.

The title of the story today is The Joy of Salvation. Pepper, our little friend named Felix, wanted to be born again and be a child of God. Miss Beatrice explained to him and the other friends of the Club how to be saved.

The Bible character of the story is the Rich Ruler who knelt before Jesus with the most important question of all: “What must I do to have eternal life?”

Read Matthew 19:16-30.

After Jesus’ response, the man left sad.

This does not mean that to be saved you must sell whatever you have; but you need to give up everything and follow Jesus. What Jesus gives us is much more valuable than anything we leave behind to receive salvation.

“So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:33

Jesus “loved” this young man. Surely it pained Him that this man was tied to his riches. The Rich Ruler went away sad. He left sad, because he loved his riches more than Jesus.

It’s not riches that prevent us from following Jesus, but the love of riches. What is the most important thing in your life? There are many things we can love more than Jesus. But the price of following Jesus, of putting Him first in everything, is worth it!

We have seen how Jesus transformed Zacchaeus and the joy that the Samaritan woman felt when she received the living water Jesus offered her. Nicodemus learned that to be saved he needed to be born again.

Jesus’ answer to the question: “What must I do to have eternal life?” is the same today: “Come, follow me.” The Rich Ruler went away sad, because he loved his riches more than Jesus.

Today we focus on Pepper, who had the joy of experiencing what Jesus spoke to Nicodemus about. In our story, he is born again. The joy of salvation makes him want to jump for joy. He runs home from the Club with double happiness–the joy of salvation and the happiness of receiving a Bible.

How I wish that the children you teach, the children in your neighborhood, your own children if you are a parent —any child that God puts in your way!— will feel the same joy as Zacchaeus, the Samaritan woman, Nicodemus and our little imaginary friend Pepper.

We don’t want anyone to “leave sad.” Let’s pray that no one will rejects Jesus.

To go with today’s story, we have prepared material to teach the steps of salvation. These steps are nothing new, maybe you know them. It’s a good idea to use the hand for the steps of salvation.

We also have a PowerPoint with the steps and a file to print to make a mini-book with the steps.

Find all this in Salt and Pepper Stories #24: The Joy of Salvation

God bless you, and anyone reading the story, to have the joy of salvation.

“Come, follow me,” said Jesus to the Rich Ruler.

He went away sad, because he had many riches.


To be Born Again

I’m excited about this mini-series of stories on salvation. We are seeing different persons and how they met Jesus.

Zacchaeus, a man despised because of his line of work as a tax collector, “hid” in a tree to see Jesus. For sure he felt safe there, out of sight of the crowd; but not ignored by Jesus. No one can hide from Him. Jesus sees the deepest longing of our hearts; He knows us better than we know ourselves. With love, He satisfies our deepest desires.

The Samaritan woman, a “sinner” who went to the well in the heat of the day, to escape the looks of contempt of the women of Sychar. Her sinful life lay bare before Jesus, but He did not despise her. There, by the well, she received the water of life. Jesus transformed her!

Nicodemus, another person who “hid”, was received with love be Jesus. At night, when his fellow Pharisees didn’t see him, Nicodemus had his encounter with the Savior. He was born again!

In today’s story, the boy Pepper, who always has doubts in his heart, is moved by the story of the new birth, and decides to ask Miss Beatrice to explain more… We are in suspense. What will happen? Can Pepper overcome his doubts?

While you await the answer (coming next week), let me introduce a present-day “Pepper.” Pilar Cabrera, a Sunday school teacher from Tecate, Mexico sent me this photo, with a greeting from the Mexican children.

The story today is about Nicodemus and the importance of being born again.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot
see the kingdom of God.”
John 3:3 ESV

Read the Bible story in John 3:1-21.

Welcome to read Nicodemus is Reborn, story #23 in Salt and Pepper story


Nicodemus on his way to visit Jesus by night

Jesus and NIcodemus

“You must be born again!”