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The Caravan that Left Egypt

Greetings from my granddaughter Sarah and me. On “Cinco de Mayo” we celebrated her birthday. See my blog: http://kelund.wordpress.com

It’s amazing how many people left Egypt under the command of their leader Moses. In Numbers 1:45,46 we read that in the caravan there were 603,550 men, twenty years or older, who were able to serve in Israel’s army.

Let’s do a calculation to get an approximate number. If for every man there was a woman and three children, this will be the number:

603,550 + 603,550 + 1,810,650 = 3,017,750

More than three million! The number has almost two million children! What a great Sunday school we would have had with them! No, with Moses in the desert it would have been a Saturday school, since their day of rest was on a Saturday.

Those who calculate conservatively think that it might have been two million.

Someone has figured out that if they had marched in rows of 50, the column would have extended for about 40 miles (65 kilometers) in the desert. At a modest pace of 2.5 miles per hour, it would have taken 16 hours for everybody to pass through the same place. The crossing of the Red Sea was something extraordinary! The caravan would have seemed endless.

Today’s story is about the crossing of the Red Sea, at least the beginning. In the story Eleazar makes friends with a girl that was lost.

There are flash-cards to go with the story as well as a PowerPoint. I hope they are useful.
God bless everyone. Write and tell me about how you use the story. Send me pictures. Your greetings inspire me to continue this labor of love.

Read Exodus and Numbers for a fresh view of this amazing story.

Don’t forget to pray for Israel. Rejoice with them for their return to the country rightfully theirs. God gave it to them. It started with Abraham, Genesis 12:1-3.

See story #5 in The Great Escape: Crossing the Red Sea