Mission Stories

I’m a missionary at heart. I’ve devoted my life to children. I’m a grandmother that writes stories. My grandchildren love my stories. On this page I will share mission stories, that I hope you in turn will share with the children in your life. Each story has a spiritual life-application.

Print the stories. Put them in a binder. The children will love to read them over and over.

With love, Tía Margarita  (I’ve been the “Auntie” for children in Latin America since my youth)


Amy Carmichael, the Girl who Prayed for Blue Eyes

This is a 2-part story about a brave missionary who devoted her life to the children of India. Do a search on-line using her name and find interesting articles and references to some of her books.

Story:  105 The girl who prayed for blue eyes

Coloring page:  105 Amys Prayer Coloring

Poster:  105 Poster Matthew 7_7 8

Memory Cards:  MC Matthew 7_7 8    A4:  MC Matthew 7_7 8.A4

Flash-cards:  PICS CO Amy     PICS GR Amy      PICS BN Amy

Power Point:  Amy Carmichael Part 1 PPT     PDF:  Amy Carmichael Part 1 PDF

Story:  106 God knows best

Coloring page:  106 Mom Amy Coloring

Poster:  106 Poster Jeremiah 29_11

Memory Cards:  MC Jeremiah 29_11   A4:  MC Jeremiah 29_11 A4

Flash-cards:  PICS CO God knows    PICS GR God knows     PICS BW God knows

Power Point:  Amy Carmichael Part 2 PPT      PDF:  Amy Carmichael Part 2


George Müller, the Apostle of Faith

The who  gave a home and refuge to more than 10,000 children. Search on-line for stories about this great man. Better yet, buy a book with his biography. It is the most inspiring reading!

Story: 103 Breakfast from Heaven.

Coloring page:  103 Geroge Muller to Color

Poster:  103 Poster Psalm 10_14

Flash-cards:  George Muller CO
George Muller GR
     George Muller BW

PowerPoint:  George Muller     PDF:  George Muller



The girl with compassion for children in Syria and Iraq.

Story: 46 The compassion of Alida

To color: 46 Alida    Poster: Poster Luke 6_36

Bible activity: 46 Compassion Activity

Answer: 46 ANSWERS


Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf

NicolasThe question that changed the course of Nicholas’ life.

Story:  Nicholas Letter to Jesus

Coloring page:  Nicholas

Poster:  Matthew 5:44

Activity:  Love, Don’t Hate


 Missionary Trio

A boy gets to go on a missionary journey with a missionary and his son.

Story:  61 The Missionary Trio


Gladys Alward

Story about Missionary Gladys Alward and her rescue of orphan children during the War.

Story:  17 The dangerous rescue


God Protects a Missionary in China

God sends 27 angels to protect his servants in China from being attacked by bandits.

27 angelesStory:  Soldiers dressed in white

Coloring page:  27 Angels

Poster:  Psalm 34:7

Activity:  Who delivers you?


Thomas the Apostle

Thomas takes the Gospel to India.

Story:  52 Thomas the Missionary

To color:  52 Thomas

Poster:  52 Acts 1_8 Poster   

Flash card: 52 Thomas preaches in India

Activity: 52 Be a Witness Activity  Answer: Acts 1:8


Missionary Adoniram Judson

How Adoniram Judson’s New Testament translation was kept safe in Burma.

B.ESCONDIDA2Story: The Hidden Bible

Coloring page: Coloring Page

Poster: Psalm 119_11

Activity: In Many Languages