The Salt and Pepper Story with Daisy and Miss Beatrice

Together with these fun-loving friends and the kind-hearted Miss Beatrice learn Bible stories and valuable lessons for your life.

The stories are written in Spanish. Find them at Club Perlita:

Writer and Designer: Kerstin Anderas-Lundquist

Translator: Nancy Waldrep

Illustrator: Absalóm-León Sixco

Assistant and Puppets: Cristina Alvarez Jáuregui


1 Salt and Pepper

Story:  01 Salt and Pepper

Poster:  01 Col 4_6    Coloring:  01 Salt and Pepper

Memory Verse Card:  MC Colossians 4_6   A4 size:   MC Colossians 4_6 A4

2 Something Worth More Than Gold

Story:  02 Worth more than gold

Poster:  02 Ephesians 4_29  Coloring: 02 Worth more

Memory Verse Card:  MC Ephesians 4_29    A4 size:  MC Ephesians 4_29 A4

3 Dino the Dog’s Birthday

Story:  03 Dino the Dogs Birthday

Posters:  03 2 Tim 3_15 Short     03 2 Tim 3_15

Coloring Page:  03 Wise for Salvation

Memory Verse Card:  MC 2 Timothy 3_15   A4 size:  MC 2 Timothy 3_15 A4

4 Daisy’s Treasure

Story:  04 Daisys Treasure

Poster:  04 2 Tim 3_16  Coloring:   04 Daisys Treasure  

Memory Verse Card:  MC 2 Timothy 3_16      A4 size:  MC 2 Timothy 3_16 A4

Open my eyes verse:  MC Psalm 119_18   A4 size:  MC Psalm 119_18 A4

5 The Treasure Club

Story:  05 The Treasure Club

Poster:  05 Colossians 2_3   Coloring:  05 Treasure Club

Memory Verse Card:  MC Colossians 2_3   A4 size:   MC Colossians 2_3 A4

Motto:  05 The Treasure Club motto      05 Club Motto hand

6 The Fire that wouldn’t go out

Story:  06 The fire that wouldnt go out

Poster:  06 James 3_5   Coloring:  06 The fire of Truth

Memory Verse Card:  MC James 3_5   A4 size:  MC James 3_5 A4

7 Bow or Burn

Story:  07 Bow or Burn

Poster:  07 Exodus 20   Coloring:  07 With Jesus in the Fire

Memory Verse Card: MC Exodus 20 no images   A4 size:  MC Exodus 20 no images A4

8 The Fire that Licked up Water

Story:  08 The fire that licked up water

Poster:  08 1 Kings 18_38   Coloring:  08 Fire from Heaven

Memory Verse Card: MC 1 Kings 18_48     A4 size:  MC 1 Kings 18_48 A4

9 The Prophet that Prayed for Rain

Story:  09 The Prophet that Prayed for Rain

Poster:  09 James 5_16b   Coloring:  09 God sends rain

Memory Verse Card:  MC James 5_16b    A4 size:   MC James 5_16b A4

10 Angel Food for a Discouraged Prophet

Story:  10 Angel Food for a Discouraged Prophet

Poster:  10 1 Kings 19_8  Coloring: 10 Angel Food

Memory Verse Card:  MC 1 Kings 19_8   A4 size:  MC 1 Kings 19_8 A4

11 Horses and a Chariot of Fire

Story:  11 Horses and a Chariot of Fire

Poster:  11 2 Kings 2_11   Coloring:  11 Elijah and Elisha

Memory Verse Card:  MC 2 Kings 2_11  A4 size:  MC 2 Kings 2_11 A4

12 Miracles through the Bald Prophet

Story:  12 Miracles through the Bald Prophet

Poster:  12 2 Kings 2_21   Coloring:  12 Healing Salt

Memory Verse Card: MC 2 Kings 2_21  A4 size:  MC 2 Kings 2_21 A4

13 The Oil That Kept Flowing

Story:  13 The Oil that Kept Flowing

Poster:  13 Psalm 68_5   Coloring:  13 Oil Miracle

Memory Verse Card: MC Psalm 68_5    A4 size:  MC Psalm 68_5 A4

14  The Girl who Saved a Great General

Story:  14 The Girl who Saved a Great General

Poster:  14 2 Kings 5_14   Coloring:  14 Naaman is Healed

Memory Verse Card:  MC 2 Kings 5_14    A4 size:  MC 2 Kings 5_14 A4

15 The Anger Test

Story:  15 The Anger Test    Article: How to Control Anger

Poster:  15 Prov 15_1   Coloring:  15 A Soft Answer

Memory Verse Card:  MC Proverbs 15_1  A4 size:  MC Proverbs 15_1 A4

Poster: Steps to control anger poster   A4 size: Steps  poster A4 

Cards: Steps cards    A4 size:  Steps  cards A4

PowerPoint:  Controlling Anger   PDF:    Controlling Anger PDF

16 A Guest Room for Elisha

Story:  16 A Guest Room for Elisha

Poster:  16 Heb 13_2   Coloring:  16 Hospitality

Memory Verse Card: MC Hebrew 13_2  A4 size:  MC Hebrews 13_2 A4

PowerPoint:  Hospitality in Shunem    PDF: Hospitality in Shunem

Furniture for Elisha:  16 Elishas Furniture

Instructions:  Elishas Furniture INS

Here are the pieces to make the furniture for Elisha’s guest room. Like the children in The Treasure Club each built their set of furniture, your children can enjoy it! Make your own set as well!

17 The Invisible Army

Story:  17 The Invisible Army

Poster:  17 2 Kings 6_16   Coloring17 Elisha

Memory Verse Card: MC 2 Kings 6_16     A4 size:  MC 2 Kings 6_16 A4

18 Good News for Samaria

Story:  18 Good News for Samaria

Poster:  18 2 Kings 7_9    Coloring:  18 Good News

Memory Verse Card: MC 2 Kings 7_9    A4 size:  MC 2 Kings 7_9 A4

19 A Big Surprise for Salt

Story:  19 A Big Surprise for Salt

Poster:  19 Psalm 119_33  Coloring:  19 Salts Bible

Memory Verse Card:  MC Psalm 119_33    A4 size:  MC Psalm 119_33 A4

Elisha’s 20 miracles — Review cards:  20 Miracles CO     20 Miracles BW

20 The Happiest Day

Story: 20 The Happiest Day

Poster:  20 Matt 18_14  Coloring:  20 God Loves You

Memory Verse Card:  MC Matthew 18_14    A4 size:  MC Matthew 18_14 A4

21 Zaccheaus’ Sprecial Visitor

Story:  21 Zacchaeus Special Visitor

Poster:  21 Luke 19_10  Coloring:  21 Zacchaeus

Memory Verse Card:  MC Luke 19_10    A4 size:  MC Luke 19_10 A4

Puppets:  21 Zacchaeus Puppets    BW:  21 Zacchaeus Puppets to color

22 Springs of Living Water

Story:  22 Springs of living water

Poster:   22  John 7_38  Coloring:  22 Living water

Memory Verse Card:  MC John 7_38   A4 size:  MC John 7_38.A4

Puppets:  22 Samaritan Woman     BW:  22 Samaritan Woman to color

23 Nicodemus is Reborn

Story:  23 Nicodemus is reborn

Poster:  23 John 3_3   Coloring: 23 Nicodemus

Memory Verse Card: MC John 3_3    A4 size:  MC John 3_3 A4

Puppets:  23 Puppets Nicodemus     BW:  23 Puppets Nicodemus to color

24 The Joy of Salvation

Story:  24 The joy of salvation

Poster: 24 Matthew 19_21  Coloring:  24 Happy Pepper

Memory Verse Card: MC Matthew 19_21  A4 size:  MC Matthew 19_21

Puppets:  24 Puppets Rich Ruler    BW:  24 Puppets Rich Ruler to color

The Steps for Salvation   PPT Steps for salvation   PDF  Steps for salvation

Booklet: Steps for Salvation   2 per sheet, to fold as a little booklet.

25 A Special Invitation

Story: 25 A special invitation

Poster:  25 Rev 22_17  Coloring:  25 God invites you

Memory Verse Card: MC Revelation 22_17  A4 size:  MC Revelation 22_17

PowerPoint:  25 Celebrating Heaven  PDF: 25 Celebrating Heaven 

Crowns:  Letter size: 25 Crowns   A4: 25 Crowns A4

Cards: 25 Celebrate heaven     To color: 25 Cards to color

26 The Love Chromosome 

Story:  26 The Love Chromosome

Poster:   Acts 20_35   Coloring:  26 Friends

Memory Verse Card: MC Acts 20_35    A4 size:  MC Acts 20_35.A4

PowerPoint John 6:1-14:  The Joy of Giving   PDF:  The Joy of Giving

27 Each Star has a Name

Story:  27 Each star has a name

Poster:  Psalm 147_4   Coloring:  27 Stars

Memory Verse Card: MC Psalm 147_4    A4 size:  MC Psalm 147_4 A4

28 Abram’s Generosity

Story:  28 Abrams Generosity

Poster:   2 Corinthians 9_6   Coloring:  28 Lot and Abram

Memory Verse Card: MC 2 Corinthians 9_6     A4 size:  MC 2 Corinthians 9_6 A4

GIVERS:   Three Types of Givers PPT      Three Types of Givers PDF

Flash-Cards:  Types of Givers CO      Types of Givers BW       Types of Givers GR

 29 Sammy Finds a True Friend

Story:  29 Sammy finds a true friend

Poster: Prov 17_17  Coloring:  29 A True Friend

Memory Verse Card:  MC Proverbs 17_17     A4 size:  MC Proverbs 17_17

These stories will continue in the Treasure Club.

Following THE GREAT ESCAPE and CONQUERING THE PROMISED LAND we will continue the stories with Salt, Pepper and Daisy.