The Salt and Pepper Story with Daisy and Miss Beatrice

Follow these fun-loving friends, week by week, as they navigate through their neighborhood life and learn valuable lessons from the kind-hearted Miss Beatrice.

Every Friday there will be a new chapter.

The story is written in Spanish. Follow it at Club Perlita:

Writer and Designer: Kerstin Anderas-Lundquist

Translator: Nancy Waldrep

Illustrator: Absalóm-León Sixco

Assistant and Puppets: Cristina Alvarez Jáuregui


1 Salt and Pepper

Story:  01 Salt and Pepper

Poster:  01 Salt and Pepper Poster

Coloring Page:  01 Salt and Pepper Coloring

2 Something Worth More Than Gold

Story:  02 Worth more than gold

Poster:  02 Ephesians 4_29 Poster

Coloring Page: 02 Worth more than gold Coloring

3 Dino the Dog’s Birthday

Story:  03 Dino the Dogs Birthday

Posters:  03 2 Tim 3_15 Short     03 2 Tim 3_15

Coloring Page:  03 Wise for Salvation Coloring

4 Daisy’s Treasure

Story:  04 Daisys Treasure

Poster:  04 2 Tim 3_16 Poster

Coloring Page:   04 Daisys Treasure Coloring  

Memory Verse Card:  MC 2 Timothy 3_16      A4 size:  MC 2 Timothy 3_16 A4

Open my eyes verse:  MC Psalm 119_18   A4 size:  MC Psalm 119_18 A4

5 The Treasure Club



Coloring page:

Memory Verse Card: