Stories for Children

This is the page where you will find stories for children. I have been publishing stories in Spanish for more than six years, having to date some 300 stories. My grandchild Brianna would always ask me when I would do them in English. Now is the time. Teachers, parents, grandparents, and most of all children. Enjoy! Please pass on the information so more children can have life-application stories.

You can find more stories under ANY-TIME STORIES. Those stories do not have activities. Use them to read to your children and grandchildren as a bed-time treat or anytime. They will love them!


Story to show that only following  Jesus gives us salvation. Being good is not enough. The rich young ruler went away sad because he loved his riches more than Jesus.

Story:  101 Bruce and the sad young man

Coloring page:  101 Bruce to Color

Poster;  101 Poster Matt 19_21


MEPHIBOSHETH – The beautiful story of the Friendship Covenant between David and Jonathan, and what David did for Jonathan’s son.

1 Samuel 18:1-4; 2 Samuel 9:1-13

Story:  97 The Prince and the Shepherd

Coloring page:  97 Good Friends Coloring

Poster:  97 Poster Pr 17_17

Flash-Cards:  97 Mephibosheth Flash cards

Power Point:  PPT  Mephibosheth   PDF  Mephibosheth

Activity: 97 Friendship Activity    Answer:

biblia-en-camionetaTRUE STORY: How a Bible survived a 55 miles trip on top of a van in rainy weather. God watched over his precious Word!

86-poster-matt-24_35Story: 86-the-lost-bible

Coloring page: 86-the-bible

Poster: 86-poster-matt-24_35

Activity: 86 A Treasure Activity      Answer:








KatiaKatie’s mom always decorated a chair for the birthday person. Now Katie’s birthday was coming up but her mom was sick and in the hospital. Would she not have a Birthday Chair?

Story:  71 The Birthday Chair

Coloring page:  71 Katies Birthday

Poster:  71 Poster Psalm 9012

Activity:  71 Life is short Activity  Answer: Live life with wisdom

New Creature

A Salvation testimony from Chile, South America. When Mr. Evaristo and his family came to know Jesus, their lives and their home was transformed.

Story:  69 The new Mr Evaristo

Coloring page:  69 Mr Evaristo

Poster:  69 2 Cor 5_17 Poster

Activity:  69 A New Creation


perlita borracho actividad 2 ingles

regalo de niña coCamila gives her birthday doll to be sent to a child devastated by an earthquake. Points to God’s gift of his Son Jesus to be our Savior.

Story: 67 The Birthday Doll

Coloring page: 67 Camilas Gift

Poster: 67 Poster Rom 6_23

Activity: 67 Give the Best Activity


67 Answer to Activity

JESUS test 0001Testimony of the vision I had when Jesus called me to be a missionary to work with children.

Story:  66 A Vision Come True color
66 A Vision Come True

Coloring page:  66 The vision to color  

Poster:  66 Poster Vision

Bible Activity:  66 The Heavenly Vision

Answer:66 Activity answers

Gatito color

This story is inspired by the yellow cat that my friend Teresa once found. Shows how God in His loves clothes us with salvation.

Story: 14 Garruchaneo aristocat

To color: 14 Garruchaneo to color

Puppet: 14 Garruchaneo puppet color  14 Garruchaneo puppet bw  

Sara GaruuchaneoMy granddaughter Sarah having fun doing the Garruchaneo puppet.

About the name: My granddaughter Brianna “edited” the story and thought Garruchaneo was not a good name. She changed it to Ginger. I kept the original name my friend Teresa gave the cat.

Have the children give their opinion. They can change the name and act out the story.


paulina y la biblia engThe story about a girl who finds a Bible near a landfill, and then finds THE SAVIOR.

Story: 38 Paulina and the Bible

To color: 38 Paulina

Poster: 38 Poster 2 Pet 3_9

Activity: 38 Holy Scriptures Activity

Answer: 38 Activity Answers

TOMAS 001A story about Thomas the Apostle taking the Gospel to India.

Story:  52 Thomas the Missionary

To color:  52 Thomas

Poster:  52 Acts 1_8 Poster    Flash card: 52 Thomas preaches in India

Activity: 52 Be a Witness Activity  Answer: Acts 1:8

J037The boy who wanted to help the ants.

Story: 48 Johnny and the Ant Hill

To color: 48 Johnny

Poster: 48 poster the ant hill     Activity: 48 The Word Activity


Alida y sus pulseras 2

The girl with compassion for children in Syria and Iraq.

Story: 46 The compassion of Alida

To color: 46 Alida

Poster: Poster Luke 6_36

Bible activity: 46 Compassion Activity

Answer: 46 ANSWERS

NIÑO MARTIR COThe boy who defended the cause of exploited children.

Story: 45 Iqbal child martyr

To color: 45 Iqbal to color

Poster: 45 Poster Matt 5_10

Bible Activity: 45 The Price Activity


45 ANSWERSBible story pictures for STEPHEN, the First Christian Martyr:
Stephen First Christian Martyr

niña con valde coThe girl who thought she didn’t have anything to give and the chain result of giving a cup of cold water.

Story: 44 A cup of cold water     To color: 44 Nellie

Bible Activity: 44 Cold Water Activity

Answer: lose reward

Poster:  44 Poster


Elmes y la cercaThe boy who learned to overcome his bad temper.

Story:  43 Elmer and the Exploding Temper

To color:   43 Elmer

Bible Activity:   43 Watch your Anger Activity

Poster:  Poster prov 21 11


sopa v1A personal testimony about God multiplying the soup to feed a hungry family in need.

Story:  19 Margaret and the MIracle Soup

Coloring page:  19 Margaret

Poster:  19 Poster Heb 13_8

Bible Activity:  19 Miracles of Provision Activity   

Answers for the activity:   Miracles of Provision Answers

3 REGALOS COPedro, a boy from Peru, learns that Jesus is the Best Gift.

Story:  42 The Christmas Gifts

Coloring page:  42 Pedro to color    Activity:  42 The Best Gift

Poster:  42 Poster John 3_16


princesa 2 coA story about the kindness of two siblings.

Story: 41 Dress of Kindness

Coloring for boys: 41 David

Coloring for Girls: 41 Laura and Susan

Poster: 41 Poster Col 3_12       Bible activity:  41 Word Search


dialisis colorA thankfulness story about a miracle healing. Thousands of people formed a prayer chain and prayed for Leo.

Story: Leo and the Prayer Chain

Coloring page: 40 Jesus Heals Leo

Poster: Poster James 5_16

Bible Activity: 40 The Chain Activity

PERRO Y BIBLIA COThe story of a dog in Africa who ate the Bible.

37 Sampson the hungry dog

To color: 37 Sampson

Bible activity: 37 Gods Words

Answer: Your words are my joy and my heart’s delight.

Poster: 37 Poster Jeremiah 15_16


A black cat finds a home. Story to underline that as Christians we don’t believe in superstition.

Crespo 3Story: 36 Crespo the Hero Cat

To color: 36 Crespo

Activity: 36 Everything Beautiful Activity

Answer: God has made everything beautiful in tis time.

Poster: 36 Everything Beautiful Poster


Story that teaches about agreeing in prayer and praying for our family members.

32 Poster Matt 18_19Story: 32 Alex’s Prayer

Color page: 32 Alex

Poster:  32 Poster Matt 18_19



 Focuses on what the Bible teaches: If we don’t work, we don’t eat!

Story: abeja y mariposa4The Bee That Didn’t Want To Work

Activity: Let’s Get to Work!

Poster: 2 Thess 3:10   To Color: Casey the Bee

God has many awesome trees.
You and I are branches in the most awesome tree. Read about it!

gran arbol4

Story: 15 Gods Awesome Trees

Activity: 15 Bible Trees Activity

Poster: 15 Gods Awesome Trees Poster

To color: 15 Awesome Tree to color





This Gypsy girl had never heard about Jesus. Read how she happily received him as her Savior!

Story: The Gypsy and the Artist

Activity: God’s Love

Poster: Romans 5:8  To Color: The Gypsy


GermenesThis story teaches the importance of clean hands; but far more important is a clean heart.

Story: Breeding Ground for Germs

Activity: Hands in the Bible   Answer

Poster: James 4_8  To Color: Clean Hands


BIBLIOBURRO COLORStory to teach about the most beloved Library, the Bible.

Story: Small Library with a Big Message

Activity: Beautiful Feet   Answer

Poster: Isaiah 52_7   To Color: Alpha and Beto

Story about Missionary Adoniram Judson and how his New Testament translation was kept safe in Burma.

B.ESCONDIDA2Story: The Hidden Bible

Activity: In Many Languages

Poster: Psalm 119_11  To Color: Coloring Page


Story about how God kept a Bible safe 150 years ago in Switzerland.


Anthony’s Experiment

Activity: Eternal Words

Poster: Mark 13_31  To Color: Anthony’s Bible


God sent 27 angels to protect his servants in China from being attacked by bandits.

27 angeles

Soldiers dressed in white

Activity: Who delivers you?

Poster: Psalm 34:7

To Color: 27 Angels


NicolasStory about Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf and the question that changed the course of his life.

Nicholas Letter to Jesus

Activity: Love, Don’t Hate

Poster: Matthew 5:44   To Color: Nicholas

Rosie and Paul learn from their grandfather the importance of using each day wisely.


Every Day is a Gift

Activity: Our Days

Poster: Psalm 90:12  To Color: Rosie and Paul



True story of a nurse who came with a “new medicine” to a remote village in the Andes Mountains


Two Miracles for Sheyla

Activity: Miracles of Healing   Answers to Activity

Poster: Isaiah 53_5   To Color: Sheyla


Testimony of a Peruvian Pastor who as a child dreamed to have a Honda motorcycle.


Carlos and the Red Honda

Activity: The Most Important

Poster: Matthew 6:33 To Color: Carlos


DollStory about a girl who learned the blessing of giving in a somewhat unusual way.

The Christmas Doll

Activity: Be Cheerful

Poster: 2 Cor 9:7       To Color: Betty

Story that inspires children to pray for the bully.

20 Blog

Andy and the Coals of Fire

Activity: Burning Coals Word Search

Poster: Romans 12:20          To color: Andy


tortuga colorThe Little Turtle that was Lost

Picture: Tim and Bandit to color

Puppets: Tim and Bandit

LA PALABRA MAS BELLAA story about a girl who won a contest about the most beautiful word, when she submitted the word JESUS.

The Most Beautiful Word

Activity: Names of Jesus     Answer

To color: The Contest


LLEGO LA PRIMAVERAPerfect story to highlight our wonderful Creator.

Spring is in the Air

Activity: A Great Promise

Poster: Genesis 8_22  To color: Spring time


RAMONCITOA little boy gets lost but is comforted by Psalm 23:1.

Lost in the Big City

Activity: Your Shepherd

Poster: Psalm 23:4    To color: MY Shepherd


Debora colorA girl, an MK, prays for a sick  little boy, who is healed.

Deborah’s Prayer

Activity: People who prayed  Answer

Poster: Acts 4:12    To color: Deborah

A boy testifies about Jesus on the bus ride home from church.

JAIMEAn Unforgettable Bus Ride

Activity: Witness of Salvation

Poster: Acts 1:8   To color: James

Two friends buy presents for their mothers. When one is in trouble, the other one helps out.

Ninos con helado colorBetter than Ice Cream

Activity:  Blessed to Give

Poster: Acts 20:35 To color: Generosity


LA ORACION DE CHAROA Mexican girl prays for a flower to be healed.

The Little Flower that was Healed

Activity: All-Powerful

Poster: Matthew 15:28    To color: Great Faith

A boy learns that good works do not save him, only Jesus.

LA PESCATwice saved

To color: Leon and Al


A father teaches his boy a lesson on the danger of telling lies.

pepito4colorBobby’s Bad Habit

To color: Bobby


This is a story about a boy who was offered a job to work on Sundays. He declined. Then the Lord provided a better job for him. Teaches about the Sabbath!

UN TRABAJO PARA ARTURO colorA Job for Arthur

Activity: The Day of Rest

Poster: Exodus 20:8   To color: Arthur


dos canastas colorA girl has a dream about requests and thank-you’s that teaches her the importance of being thankful.

The Two Baskets

To color: The 2 Baskets

A testimony of healing for an African boy, and an angel that visited the home.

NAMANGO 1A Visit from an Angel

Activity: Angel visits   Answer

Poster: Psalm 91:11  To color: Namango

186 Namango títere

Namango Puppet.  I attached the puppet to a fly swatter. My grandchildren enjoyed doing a Puppet Show.

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