Paco from South America

Enjoy this chapter book about a shepherd boy from high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Print the story pages for the children to collect them in a binder. The coloring pictures come 2 on each page.

Cover sheet: Cover sheet for Paco

Pablito 01co01 Paco from South America

01 Paco from SA to color

Paco lives in the high Andes Mountains in Peru, a South American country. His village is far from the city. He has never traveled outside the village. Paco has many adventures and you can follow him on each of them. This is his very first story.


Pablito 02co02 Paco from South America

02 Paco from SA to color

Paco has never traveled outside his village but his Uncle Felix has told him many interesting things about life beyond the mountains. And Uncle Felix has promised that one day he will take him to the city.


Pablito 03 color03 Paco from South America

03 Paco from SA to color

A visitor comes to Paco’s village. He is a white man. When Paco comes home from the fields with the sheep, his sister Teresa breaks the news. Paco has never before seen a white man.


Pablito 04 color04 Paco from South America

04 Paco from SA to color

The white man tells the children about Jesus. This strange man gives Paco a book. He looks at it with interest. It has colored drawings and the paper is very thin. But Paco doesn’t know how to read, so he can’t read the book.


Pablito 05_1co05 Paco from South America

05 Paco from SA to color

Paco’s uncle has promised him many times to take him to see what is on the other side of the mountains. And he does not forget his promise! One day he comes back to the village to take Paco to the city. Now they are on their way!


Pablito 06co06 Paco from South America

06 Paco from SA to color

Paco travels with his Uncle Felix to the city on the other side of the mountains. The journey begins with beautiful adventures but ends in a terrible accident. Paco wakes up in a hospital in a strange city. A kind lady, Miss Ester, takes him under her wings.


Pablito 07color07 Paco from South America

07 Paco from SA to color

Paco has spent a lot of time in the hospital. Now he is healthy enough to go home. But who will pay the bill? “You have to stay here until someone pays your bill,” the doctor tells him.
Paco prays for God to help him.


pablito libro juan COLOR208 Paco from South America

08 Paco from SA to color

Paco learns that God loves everyone… that He sent His only Son into the world so that everyone may be saved. Paco already knows that because Mister Peter, the white man, has told him about it. While in the hospital he learns to read. He can now read the book about God’s love.

Pablito 09 color09 Paco from South America

09 Paco from SA to color

The people at Miss Ester’s church pay the hospital bill for Paco. She has knitted him a beautiful sweater as a Christmas present. Paco is very excited. He has never before celebrated Christmas.


Pablito 10 color10 Paco from South America

10 Paco from SA to color

Paco desires to return to his village, but he doesn’t know how to get there. He is praying that God will help him. But before returning home, there was something very important Paco wants to do. Paco wants to be baptized.


Pablito 11 co11 Paco from South America

11 Paco from SA to color

Mister Peter, the white man, helps Paco return to his village. They have a great farewell party for Paco at the church. What an awesome surprise for his family when Paco returns home! But they are sad because Uncle Felix died in the accident.


Paco 1212 Paco from South America

12 Paco from SA to color

Paco resumes his responsibility of shepherding the sheep. But he has a great desire to be a missionary. When Paco grows up he studies at a to Bible school preparing to preach the Gospel.

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