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“No” is also an Answer

What do you hope for when you pray? I’m sure you’re hoping for an answer. And as you pray and bring your needs before your heavenly Father, surely you hope to receive a positive response. If the result is not what you expected, you might think that your prayer has not been answered. But “no” is also an answer. That’s what today’s story teaches.

I am very grateful to the Lord that He arranged things so that before Absalom was promoted to his home in heaven he managed to draw the necessary pictures for one of my favorite stories. I had hoped to make a series about the life of Amy Carmichael, an extraordinary missionary who dedicated her life to saving children in India from being slaves to pagan gods. At least I have two stories. God said “no” when Amy as a child asked him for blue eyes, because she would need her brown eyes in her missionary work. That’s what the next story is about.

May I ask you to pray for India. Through Facebook I have come to know an Indian lady that has a ministry to widows and orphans and children in general. Her name is Karuna. She and her husband have the Maranatha Ministry. Through Messenger, using my cell phone, I’ve talked to some of the children and they have greeted me, singing and dancing. It was exciting!

Karuna has asked me to pray especially…
• for children who have little opportunity to receive schooling
• that many children will come to know Christ

Find the story about Amy under MISSION STORIES.

After these stories we will continue with Conquering the Promised Land.

A Sanctuary in the Desert

Everything we begin has an ending. The only thing with no end is eternity. That’s why it’s so important to choose right where we will spend it. The only way to a safe and happy eternity is Jesus. No one comes to the Father without him. I hope You have made Jesus your Savior and Lord.

The Great Escape series has now come to an end; but we will not leave our friends Eleazar and Rachel wandering with no end in the desert. The purpose of the “escape” was to reach the Promised Land. Reach it they will!

Something had to happen during the 40 years in the desert. I decided these two children were such good friends they needed to spend the rest of their lives together. When the story continues they will no longer be children, but parents and grandparents.  In the next part of the story, Conquering the Promised Land, their grandchildren, Eliab and Elizabeth, will be the “stars.”

Coming… Eleazar and Rachel with their grandchildren

Just as Eleazar and Rachel saw the wonder of God opening the Red Sea, their grandchildren will cross the Jordan on dry ground. So, follow us in the sequence, where God continues to do miracles, this time the people led by Joshua.

Today’s story is about the Tabernacle, how the people of God gave offerings and volunteered their skills to build the sanctuary that would be their place of worship where God showed his presence.

One interesting detail we find in Exodus 36:6,7. People brought their freewill offerings until there was more than enough. Then Moses restrained the people from bringing offerings. I like to think how it would be today if we came to church and were not allowed to give our offerings, because there was “more than enough.” How great would that be?

Well, here is the story for today. Be blessed. Inspire the children to give themselves as a “freewill” offering to the Lord. I was ten years old when I answered Jesus’ call to tell children about him. I’ve been doing that ever since. More than 60 years with Jesus gets better every day. How I wish that for every child! And for you!!!!

Before we continue with the journey to the Promised Land I will have a mission story. Have you heard about Amy Carmichael, the Irish girl who prayed for blue eyes? She spent her entire life in India rescuing girls and boys from a life without Jesus. That’s what’s coming up next. Find out if she got the blue eyes she prayed for!

Welcome today to read The Great Escape #15: A Special Sanctuary for the Lord