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A Love Chromosome

A young woman named Julie inspired me to take up the subject of children with disabilities. I believe that God has put this in my heart so that we will teach the importance of treating children who are different with love. From time to time I see reports of children and adults with Down syndrome, and of those who despite this syndrome have succeeded in life. Some even have businesses, like Julie.

Juliee designs T-shirts and sells them through her website. Her latest model says: “I rather be slow to learn than slow to love.” Since people with this syndrome have an extra chromosome, she considers it a love chromosome. She’s right, because people like her are very happy and affectionate. They have a lot to teach us. Julie is wise and insightful. She wishes everyone could have a love chromosome.

When Julie was 5 years old, she and her mother, Barb, were shopping in a supermarket. An unshaven man with disheveled hair, dirty and wrinkled clothes, probably not smelling the best, entered the store. Seeing the man, Julie ran towards him with outstretched arms. The man leaned over and picked her up, and she nestled into his dirty neck. Barb panicked and ran toward the man to tell him to let go of her daughter. She will never forget what happened next. The man looked at her, with tears running down his dirty cheeks, and said, “Lady, I can’t tell you the last time someone wanted to hold me.” What a beautiful lesson of love!

According to what I’ve seen of Julie, she has a great perspective on life. Seeing things through her eyes, is seeing them with a smile. I encourage you to visit her page and maybe buy a T-shirt:


Inspired by Julie I wrote this week’s story. The Bible story is about the boy who lovingly shared his lunch with Jesus. What little we can give, in the hands of the Lord is multiplied. I trust that God will use my simple message to speak to your heart about the importance of sharing love. A hug, a smile, a loving gesture can brighten the path of someone who is distraught.

In the future we will have more stories to encourage us to be affectionate with those who are different. Sometimes we call them “disabled,” but Julie says that we are the ones who are disabled, because we lack the extra chromosome, the one of love. God bless Julie and all those who have been blessed with an extra chromosome! We are all God’s wonderful creation.

Welcome to read the Salt and Pepper story #26: The Love Chromosome