To aid you in teaching The Ten Commandments we have prepared several aids. They are paraphrased commandments, something easy for even a young child to understand.

One of the best ways is to use the fingers. In any learning process the hand makes a wonderful tool. It’s not only for little ones. Even seniors like myself can enjoy using the hands to learn.

PowerPoint:  Ten Commandments PPT   PDF:  Ten Commandments PDF

Exodus 20:1-17; Deuteronomy 5:1-22

POSTER in color and also to color (fine activity for the kids).

Letter size:  Commandments poster CO     Commandments poster BW

Size A4:  Commandments poster CO A4       Commandments poster BW A4

To make a bigger poster, here are two pages to glue together

Letter size:  Commandments poster 2pgs CO     Commandments poster 2pgs BW

Size A4:  Commandments poster 2pgs CO A4      Commandments poster 2pgs BW

Cards with the Commandments, ideal to use as a bookmark.

Letter size:  Commandments 4 x page  A4:  Commandments 4 x page A4

Small cards with each of the Commandments.

Letter size: Commandments cards   A4:  Commandments cards

Big cards with each of the Commandments.

Letter size:  Commandments big cards CO    Commandments big cards BW

A4 size:   Commandments big cards CO A4    Commandments big cards BW A4

Activity Accordion Style

This is an excellent teaching tool as well as an activity. With the tiny set of tablets the children can show their friends the Ten Commandments. You can keep one or more in your billfold or purse to give away or use to talk about the Commandments.

Instructions:  Commandments Accordion style INS

Files for print:   Commandments tablets big BW      Commandments tablets big CO

ActivitY:   Commandments Activity

Print one sheet for each child.

For a story to go with these activities, see THE GREAT ESCAPE, story #11: Commandments Written in Stone. Apart from the story there will be  a coloring page, flash-cards and a PowerPoint, and more.

May God bless you as you teach
the Ten Commandments!