70 blessed yearsGod has blessed me with a life of service in His Kingdom. I will be writing my testimony as stories for children. May God bless each reader as He has blessed me through the years.

JESUS test 0001

Testimony of the vision I had when Jesus called me to be a missionary to work with children.

Story:  66 A Vision Come True color
66 A Vision Come True

Coloring page:  66 The vision to color  

Poster:  66 Poster Vision

Bible Activity:  66 The Heavenly Vision


66 Activity answers







HM001 copStory about the first mission trip I made with my father in the jungle mountains of Peru.

Story: 68 The Burro who decided to go home

Coloring page: 68 The Burro

Poster: 68 Poster Isaiah 1_3

Activity: 68 The Ox and the Donkey Activity

Answer: The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master’s crib.

68 Answers







La pierna que crecioA surprise birthday present!

It’s awesome when God surprises us! That happened to me!

Story:  70 The Leg that Grew



Eva teaching

The Girl who loved to teach. That was my daughter. She had cystic fibrosis and struggled with that condition all her life. But she loved Jesus!

Story:  73 EvaMarie my Daughter


Safe in Gods Hands Girl


In God’s Hands is the safest place. A testimony of one of my Sunday school girls. What she learned in Sunday school has been her strength.

Story: 75 The Safest Place


Timid missionary

Story to inspire children NOT to be ashamed of the Gospel.

Story:  76 My Jungle Adventure in Peru




Sala de 36 camasTo end up in a 36-bed common room in the hospital, with a infected appendix, and hear the doctor say he wasn’t going to operate on me, that was something else for an 11-year old. One of my many childhood experiences as a Missionary Kid in Peru.

Story: 79 Thirty Six Beds in One Room


A Ford cr

The miracle God did when Dad didn’t have any more patches to fix the tire on the Model-A Ford.

Story:  81 A miracle trip in the Model A Ford



Incendio 53


Story about the big fire in Osorno, Chile. Three houses burnt to the ground. Our home and our church home, and even the Model-A Ford were destroyed. BUT the fire is not the most precious memory!

Story:  82 My most precious memory


Trust God picOne of the many schools I studied at was in Tournavista, Peru. I receive a little plaque that has followed me all my life. Trust God is the message. Enjoy the story!

Story ;  84 Twelve Schools for One Girl



Trust GodFor coloring:  84 Coloring Trust God 1    

84 Coloring Trust God 2 

Poster: 84 Poster Ps 34_8



k017bWhen my mother was a young missionary in southern Chile, one of her big concerns were the rats that ran up and down in the walls. Read about the miracle God did as an answer to her prayer!

Story: 93-faith-works-on-rats