Follow the imaginary story of a boy named Eleazar and his friend Rachel, crossing the Red Sea. A story is based on the exciting events when millions of Israeli slaves escape Egypt.

Read the Bible story in Exodus 1 to 15.

1 Trapped by the Sea

Story: 01 Trapped by the sea

Poster:  Exodus 12_51   Coloring:  01 Leaving Egypt

Memory Cards;  MC Exodus 12_51     A4:  MC Exodus 12_51

Flash-Cards:  01 Trapped CO      01 Trapped GR      01 Trapped BW

PowerPoint: 01 Trapped by the sea   PDF:  01 Trapped by the sea

2 Saved by a Lamb

Story:  02 Saved by a Lamb

Poster: Exodus 12_13     Coloring:  02 Blood of a Lamb

Memory Cards:  MC Exodus 12_13     A4:  MC Exodus 12_13

Flash-Cards:  02 Saved  CO      02 Saved GR     02 Saved BW

PowerPoint: 02 Saved by a Lamb    PDF:  02 Saved by a Lamb

3 The Double-sided Cloud

Story:  03 Double Sided Cloud

Poster:  Exodus 13_21    Coloring:  A Pillar of Cloud

Memory Cards:  MC Exodus 13_21    A4:  MC Exodus 13_21 A4

Flash-Cards:  03 The Cloud CO      03 The Cloud GR      03 The Cloud BW

PowerPoint:  03 The Double Sided Cloud     PDF:  03 The Double Sided Cloud

Activity:  Pillar of Cloud and Fire

Cloud and Fire

4 A Path through the Sea

Story:  04 A path through the sea

Poster:  Exodus 14_1314     Coloring:  An open path

Memory Cards: MC Exodus 14_1314    A4:  MC Exodus 14_1314 A4

Flash-Cards:  04 A path CO     04 A path GR     04 A path  BW

PowerPoint: A path through the sea   PDF:  A path through the sea

5 Crossing the Red Sea

Story:  05 Crossing the Red Sea

Poster:  Psalm 106_8    Coloring:  Eleazar and Rachel

Memory Cards:  MC Psalm 106_8    A4:  MC Psalm 106_8 A4

Flash-Cards05 Crossing CO     05 Crossing  GR      05 Crossing BN

PowerPoint: 05 Crossing the Red Sea    PDF:  05 Crossing the Red Sea

6 The Undersea Adventure

Story:  06 The Undersea Adventure

Poster:  Exodus 14_22    Coloring:  On dry ground

Memory Cards: MC Exodus 14_22   A4:  MC Exodus 14_22 A4

Flash-Cards:  06 The Undersea CO     06 The Undersea GR     06 The Undersea BW

PowerPoint:  06 The Undersea Adventure    PDF:  06 The Undersea Adventure

7 A Stop for a Rescue

Story:  07 A stop for a rescue

Poster:  Psalm 106_10   Coloring:  Rescuing a Lamb

Memory Cards:  MC Psalm 106_10   A4:  MC Psalm 106_10.A4

Flash-Cards:   07 A Rescue CO       07 A Rescue GR      07 A Rescue BW

PowerPoint:  07 A Stop for a Rescue    PDF:  07 A Stop for a Rescue

8 A Seashore Celebration

Story:  08 A seaside celebration

Poster:  Exodus 15_1_2   Coloring:  Singing to the Lord

Memory Cards:  MC Exodus 15_1 2   A4:  MC Exodus 15_1 2

Flash-Cards:  08 Celebration CO       08 Celebration GR     08 Celebration BW

PowerPoint:  Seashore Celebration    PDF:  08 Celebration PDF

9 Together Once Again

Story:  09 Together once again

Poster:  Psalm 46_1    Coloring:  God is my Help

Memory Cards:  MC Psalm 46_1     A4:   MC Psalm 46_1

Flash-Cards:  09 Together CO     09 Together GR      09 Together BW

PowerPoint:  Together once again   PDF:  Together once again

10 Bread from Heaven

Story:  10 Bread from Heaven

Poster:  Exodus 16_31   Coloring:  Bread from Heaven

Memory Cards:  MC Exodus 16_31    A4:  MC Exodus 16_31 A4

Flash-Cards:  10 Bread CO       10 Bread GR        10 Bread BW

PowerPoint:  Bread from Heaven   PDF:  Bread from Heaven

11 Commandments Written in Stone

Story:  11 Commandments Written in Stone

Poster:  Exodus 19_8   Coloring:  11 The mount of God

Memory Cards:  MC Exodus 19_8    A4:  MC Exodus 19_8 A4 

Flash-Cards:  11 Commands CO      11 Commands GR     11 Commands BW

PowerPoint:     11 Commandments PPT      PDF:  11 Commandments

See the page TEN COMMANDMENTS for several helps and activities.

12 The Twelve Spies of Israel

Story: 12 The Twelve Spies of Israel

Poster:  Numbers 13_30   Coloring:  12 The Spies

Memory Cards:  MC Numbers 30_13    A4:  MC Numbers 30_13 A

Flash-Cards:  12 Spies pics CO       12 Spies pics GR      12 Twelve Spies pics BW     

PowerPoint: 12 The twelve spies PPT      PDF:  12 Twelve spies

13 Water from a Rock

Story:  13 Water from a Rock

Poster:  Exodus 23_15   Coloring:  13 Water from a Rock

Memory Cards:  MC Exodus 23_25    A4:  MC Exodus 23_25 A4

Flash-Cards:  13 Water pics CO     13 Water pics GR      13 Water pics BW

PowerPoint:  13 Water from a rock PPT     PDF:  13 Water from a rock PDF

14 The Bronze Serpent

Story:  14 The Bronze Serpent

Poster:  John 3_14   Coloring:  14 Serpent and Cross

Memory:  MC John 3_14     A4: MC John 3_14 A4

Flash-Cards: 14 Serpent pics CO     14 Serpent pics GR      14 Serpent pics BW

PowerPoint:  14 Bronze Serpent PPT    PDF:  14 Bronze Serpent PDF

15 A Special Sanctuary for the Lord

Story:  15 A Special Sanctuary for the Lord

Poster:  Exodus 25_8   Coloring:  15 Offerings for the Sanctuary

Memory:   MC Exodus 25_8   A4:  MC Exodus 25_8

Flash-Cards:  15 A Sanctuary pics CO     15 A Sanctuary pics GR      15 A Sanctuary pics BW

PowerPoint:  15 A Sanctuary for the Lord      PDF: 15 A Sanctuary for the Lord

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