THE GREAT ESCAPE, the imaginary story of Eleazar and his friend Rachel, crossing the Red Sea, continues here. A story based on the exciting events when millions of Israeli slaves escaped Egypt.

Here we will follow their grandchildren –the twins Eliab and Elizabeth– as they enter Canaan, the Promised Land.

We’ve made Eliab and Elizabeth’s faces in different sizes. Choose the size that best fits you. Put them in your Bible, hide them somewhere in the classroom (have some fun looking for them), put them in your pocket, attach them to a fly swatter… Enjoy introducing the twins, Eleazar and Raque’s grandchildren.

Letter size:  Eliab Elizabeth CO     Eliab Elizabeth GR     Eliab Elizabeth BW

A4 size:  Eliab Elizabeth CO A4    Eliab Elizabeth GR A4     Eliab Elizabeth BW A4

Read the Bible story in in Book of Joshua.

For printing the flash-cards, use the GR (gray tones) if you don’t have a color printer. Color parts of the pictures and they will come out fine. The BW are perfect for the children to dolor.

1 Moses’ Final Blessing

Story:  01 Moses Final Blessing

Poster:  Deut 33_27  Coloring:  01 Moses Blessing

Memory Cards:  MC Deuteronomy 33_27     A4:  MC Deuteronomy 33_27

Flash-Cards:  01 Moses Blessing CO    01 Moses Blessing GR    01 Moses Blessing BW    

Power Point:  01 Moses Final Blessing     PDF:  01 Moses Final Blessing

2 A Valiant Warrior

Story:  02 Joshua a Valiant Warrior

Poster:   Joshua 1_9     Coloring:  02 Be corageous

Memory Cards:  MC Joshua 1_9    A4:  MC Joshua 1_9 A4

Flash-Cards: 02  Warrior CO       02 Warrior GR       02 Warrior BW

Power Point:  Joshua a Valiant Warrior     PDF:  Joshua a Valiant Warrior

3 Crossing to the Promised Land

Story: 03 Crossing to The Promised Land

Poster:   Joshua 3_5   Coloring:  03 Crossing    Maze: 03  Jordan

Memory Cards:  MC Joshua 3_5   A4:  MC Joshua 3_5 A4

Flash-Cards:  03 pics CO       03 pics GR       03 pics BW

Power Point:  03 Crossing PPT   PDF:  03 Crossing PDF

03 Maze answer

4 Conquering a City

Story:  04 Conquering a City

Poster:  Hebrews 11_30    Coloring:   Jericho A   Jericho B

Memory Cards:  MC Hebrews 11_30     A4:  MC Hebrews 11_30 A4

Flash-Cards:  04 City pics CO      04 City pics GR      04 City pics BW

Power Point:  04 Conquering PPT      PDF:  04 Conquering PDF

5 Achan and the Punishment for Greed

Story:  05 Achan and the Punishment for Greed

Poster:  Exodus 20_17    Coloring:  Do not Covet

Memory Cards:  MC Exodus 20_17   A4:  MC Exodus 20_17 A4

Flash-Cards:   05 Greed pics CO      05 Greed pics GR       05 Greed pics BN

Power Point:  05 Greed PPT     PDF:  05  Greed PDF

6 An Altar on a Mountain

Story:  06 The altar on a mountain

Poster:  Psalm 119_11    Coloring:  Joshua reading

Memory Cards:  MC Psalm 119_11     A4:  MC Psalm 119_11 A4

Flash-Cards:  06 An Altar pics CO     06 An Altar pics GR    06 An Altar pics BW

Power Point:  06 An Altar    PDF:  06 An Altar

7 Caleb Conquers Hebron

Story: 07 Caleb Conquers Hebron

Poster:  Joshua 14_13   Coloring:  07 Caleb 

Memory Cards: MC Joshua 14_13    A4:  MC Joshua 14_13 A4

Flash-Cards:  07 Caleb pics CO      07 Caleb pics GR      07 Caleb pics BN

Power Point: 07 Caleb PPT    PDF:  07 Caleb  PDF

Coming: Joshua’s Farewell


Poster:   Coloring:

Memory Cards:     A4:


Power Point:    PDF: