Writer and Designer: Kerstin Anderas-Lundquist

Translator: Nancy Waldrep

Illustrator: ab-shalom (the late Absalóm-León Sixco)

Assistant: Cristina Alvarez Jáuregui

The stories in Spanish at Club Perlita:



Miss Beatrice is a kind lady who has opened her home for the neighborhood children to come and learn about Jesus and the Bible.  They meet every week in her living room or in the yard. All the children love her!


Albert, known as Salt, is a kind and respectful boy. He is very interested in numbers and he loves to solve difficult math problems.

Albert and his friend Felix are like salt and pepper shakers –always together–, so people call them Salt and Pepper.


Felix, known as Pepper, is mostly a good boy, but sometimes he becomes angry and gets into fights. He doesn’t like it, because then his heart starts beating like a drum! He often has doubts in his heart and likes to investigate things. Pepper has never had such a good friend as Salt.


Daisy is sometimes a shy and quiet girl, but not at the Club. She loves Miss Beatrice! One of her happiest moments was when she won a Bible as the prize. But her dad would not let her keep it. So Miss Beatrice visited the home trying to convince him to let his daughter have the Bible.


Star is a happy girl who loves to give hugs. She has an extra chromosome, which her dad calls a “love chromosome.” Her condition is diagnosed as Down Syndrome. When Star moved to the neighborhood, Daisy made friends with her and invited her to the Club. Star loves all her new friends.


Sammy and his sister Rose are new in the neighborhood. When their parents died, they moved in to live with their aunt and uncle. One day, when Salt saw Sammy standing alone at the park, he invited him to play soccer and he let him borrow his ball. They are now the best of friends!

The children love Miss Beatrice’s pets DINA and DINO.

Page to print:  30 Treasure Club Friends

PowerPoint:   Treasure Club Friends
PDF:  Treasure Club Friends


These stories will inspire the children to spread the fragrant aroma of Christ.

31 A Life of Fragrance

Story:  31 A Life of fragrance

Poster:  2 Cor 2_15   Coloring:  31 sweet aroma

PowerPoint:  31 A Life of Fragrance    PDF:  31 A Life of Fragrance

Memory Cards:  2 Corinthians 2_1415   A4:  2 Corinthians 2_1415 A4

32 Solid Rock or Shifting Sand

Story:  32 Solid ground or shifting sand

Poster: Luke 6_46   Coloring:  32 Solid rock

PowerPoint:  32 Solid ground   PDF:  32 Solid ground 

Memory Cards:  Luke 6_46    A4:  Luke 6_46 A4

33 Tree of Love

Story:  33 A Tree of Love

Poster: Ephesians 3_17     Coloring: 33 Tree of Love

PowerPoint: 33 A Tree of Love     PDF:  33 A Tree of Love

Memory Cards:  Ephesians 3_17    A4:  Ephesians 3_17 A4

The tree:  Tree of Love BW

34 LOVE: A Fragrant Gift

Story:  34 A Fragrant Gift

Poster:   Luke 10_42       Coloring:  34 Fragrant gift

PowerPoint: 34 Marys Fragrant Gift    PDF:  34 Marys Fragrant Gift

Memory Cards:  Luke 10_42     A4:  Luke 10_42 A4

35 KINDNESS: The Garden of Kindness

Story:  35 The Garden of Kindness

Poster:  Matthew 5_16   Coloring:  35 Jar of love

PowerPoint: 35 The Garden of Kindness      PDF:  35 The Garden of Kindness

Memory Cards:  Matthew 5_16     A4:  Matthew 5_16 A4

 36 The Kind Daughter-in-Law

Story:  36 Ruth the Kind Daughter-in-law

Poster:  Ruth 2_12   Coloring:  36 Kindness

PowerPoint: Ruth the Kind Daughter-in-law      PDF:  Ruth the Kind Daughter-in-law

Memory Cards:  Ruth 2_12.     A4:  Ruth 2_12.A4

37 COMPASSION: A Compassionate Heart

Story:  37 A Compassionate Heart

Poster: 1 Peter 3_8     Coloring:  37 Compassion

PowerPoint: 37 A Compassionate Heart     PDF:  37 A Compassionate Heart

Memory Cards: 1 Peter 3_8      A4: 1 Peter 3_8.A4

38 A New Name for a Good Man

Story:  38 A New Name for a Good Man

Poster:   Acts 11_24     Coloring:  38 Barnabas

PowerPoint: 38 A New Name      PDF: 38 A New Name

Memory Cards: Acts 11_24     A4:  Acts 11_24 A4

39 GENEROSITY: Dorcas’ Generosity

Story:  39 A Miracle for Dorcas

Poster:  Acts 9_36      Coloring:  39 Tabitha

PowerPoint: 39 Dorcas Generosity      PDF:  39 Dorcas Generosity

Memory Cards:  MC Acts 9_36      A4:  MC Acts 9_36 A4

40 HOSPITALITY: Lydia’s Big Heart

Story: 40 Lydias Big Heart

Poster:  Hebrews 13_2    Coloring:  40 Hospitality

PowerPoint: 40 Lydias Big Heart       PDF:  40 Lydias Big Heart

Memory Cards:  MC Hebrews 13_2     A4:  MC Hebrews 13_2 A4

41 ENTHUSIASM: A Very Special Fish

Story:  41 A Very Special Fish

Poster: John 6_68 69     Coloring:  41 Peter and Coin

PowerPoint: 41 A Very Special Fish    PDF: 41 A Very Special Fish

Memory Cards:  MC John 6_68 69       A4: MC John 6_68 69 A4

42 WWJD: The Most Important Question

Story: 42 The Most Important Question

Poster:  Colossians 3_17     Coloring:  42 Salts Shield

PowerPoint:  42 The Most Important Question    PDF:  42 Important Question

Memory Cards:  MC Colossians 3_17    A4:   MC Colossians 3_17 A4

43 COMMITMENT: Noah’s Unusual Zoo

Story:  43 Noahs Unusual Zoo

Poster:  Genesis 6_22     Coloring:  43 Noahs Ark

PowerPoint: 43 Noah’s Unusual Zoo    PDF:  43 Noah’s Unusual Zoo

Memory Cards:  MC Genesis 6_22       A4: MC Genesis 6_22 A4

44 FAITHFULNESS: A Beautiful Promise

Story:  44 A Beautilful Promise

Poster:  Genesis 9_11     Coloring:  44 Noahs Altar

PowerPoint: 44 A Beautiful Promise   PDF:  44 A Beautiful Promise

Memory Card:  MC Genesis 9_11       A4: MC Genesis 9_11 A4

45 GRATITUDE: An Army of Praisers

Story:  45 An Army of Praisers

Poster:  2 Chron 20_21    Coloring:  45 Jehoshaphat

PowerPoint:  45 Jehoshaphat and praisers     PDF:  45 Jehoshaphat and praisers

Memory Cards:  MC 2 Chronicles 20_21      A4:  MC 2 Chronicles 20_21 A4

46 The Gratitude Parade

Story:  46 The Gratitude Parade

Poster: Psalm 145_2    Coloring:  46 Praise

PowerPoint: 46 The Gratitude Parade     PDF:  46 The Gratitude Parade

Memory Cards:  MC Psalm 145_2      A4: MC Psalm 145_2 A4

HONESTY: 47 Lying is a Sin

Story:  47 Lying is a sin

Poster: Ephesians 4_25   Coloring: 47 Ananias and Sapphira

PowerPoint: 47 Lying is a Sin  PDF:  47 Lying is a Sin

Memory Cards:  MC Ephesians 4_25     A4:  MC Ephesians 4_25 A4

HUMILITY: 48 Moses, a Humble and Powerful Man

Story:  48 Moses a Humble but Powerful Man

Poster: Numbers 12_3    Coloring: 48 Moses

PowerPoint: 48 Moses a humble man    PDF: 48 Moses a humble man

Memory Cards:  MC Numbers 12_3      A4: MC Numbers 12_3 A4

INTEGRITY: 49 Paul’s Most Important Race

Story:  49 Pauls most important race

Poster:  Psalm 33_1  

Coloring:  49 Saul and Gamaliel

PowerPoint:  49 Pauls most important race     PDF:  49 Pauls most important race

Memory Cards:  MC Psalm 33_1        A4:  MC Psalm 33_1 A4

JUSTICE: 50 The Wisest King Who Ever Lived

Story:  50 The wisest king who ever lived

Poster:  Proverbs 21_3   Coloring:  50 Justice

PowerPoint: 50 The wisest king   PDF:  50 The wisest king

Memory Cards:  MC Proverbs 21_3      A4:  MC Proverbs 21_3 A4

51 The Queen of Sheba

Story:  51 A famous visitor

Poster: 1 Kings 10_7   Coloring:  51 Queen of Sheba

PowerPoint: 51 Solomons Wisdom  PDF: 51 Solomons Wisdom

Memory Cards:  MC 1 Kings 10_7b      A4:  MC 1 Kings 10_7b A4

LOYALTY: 52 A Night with Lions

Story: 52 A night with the lions

Poster:  Daniel 6_16  Coloring:  52 Daniel

PowerPoint: 52 A night with the lions    PDF:  52 A night with the lions

Memory Cards:  MC Daniel 6_16      A4:  MC Daniel 6_16.A4

53 Three Loyal Friends

Story: 53 Three Loyal Friends

Poster:  Daniel 3_17    Coloring:  53 In the Furnace

PowerPoint: 53 Three Loyal Friends     PDF:   53 Three Loyal Friends

Memory Cards:  MC Daniel 3_17      A4:  MC Daniel 3_17.A4

COMING: The King with a Merciful Heart


Poster:    Coloring:

PowerPoint:   PDF:

Memory Cards:

COMING: Nehemiah, the Noble Cupbearer


Poster:    Coloring:

PowerPoint:   PDF:

Memory Cards: